Feeling weighed down in your quest for deeper understanding? The Answer Gummy is crafted to elevate your spirits and hone your cognitive clarity, enabling you to explore those deep, reflective questions. We start with a blend of Rhodiola, B12, Ginseng, and L-Tyrosine to boost mental agility and energy. Yet, what’s the benefit of heightened acuity without the joy of experience? Thus, we’ve added Vitamin B3 and D to gently enhance serotonin levels, alongside L-Theanine and B6 to quiet mental clutter, allowing your true brilliance to emerge. Our robust cannabinol formula is designed to ease inhibitions and spark creativity.

Mirroring the experience of our Answer cartridge, anticipate an “uplifting/floating” sensation, tailored for the seasoned enthusiast.

WARNING: The Answer features a potent concoction of HHC, Delta-8, CBC, THCp, THCh—among the most powerful gummies available. Please consume with caution!


CBC, Delta 8, HHC, THCh, THCp


30 mg


10 Count


Blue Raspberry




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