Introducing the 1ML THCA Vape: the quintessence of discretion and refined taste for the contemporary aficionado. This vape redefines elegance with a commitment to environmental consciousness, featuring a compostable design with removable hardware, blending unparalleled flavor with unmatched convenience in a sleek, discreet form.

Crafted for those who seek excellence and are mindful of their ecological footprint, our vape offers a rich symphony of taste with every draw. It’s an experience designed to be savored, embodying our pledge to quality and sustainability. Certified by, it ensures you’re getting a product that doesn’t just meet but exceeds expectations, providing exceptional value while honoring our planet.

This isn’t just a vape; it’s a statement of style and sustainability, your discreet key to “All the fun. No worry.” Experience the refined pleasure of the THCA Vape, where luxury meets responsibility in every puff.




1 ML



OG Kush


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