Picture this: a scene stolen from the golden age, where the glamour and grit of the past blend seamlessly with the pulse of the present. This is not just any margarita—this is the classic Margarita reimagined. Crafted without alcohol yet infused with the timeless spirit of tequila, touched by the zest of lemon and lime, and subtly enhanced with D9. It’s an homage to the iconic, a celebration of the blend that danced on the tongues of legends, now reborn for the connoisseur who seeks depth without the dive, flavor without the fallout. Each sip is a journey through the vibrant heart of tradition, with low calories and carbs, offering the essence of a night out with the promise of a clear-headed dawn. Welcome to the renaissance of the cocktail, where every glass is a masterpiece, and every taste is a treasure.


Delta 9


50 ml


6 Count




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