THC Free Isolate Extract 3600 mg


3600 mg of all natural, non-GMO 100% U.S.A. grown hemp extract goes into making our Craft CBD Isolate. Through our custom extraction process, we offer pure CBD  with CBDV for it’s benefits.

Contains 0% THC!  A graduated dropper allows you to select your desired dose. With each 30 mL(1 oz.) bottle having 3600 mg of CBD, Sir Hemp Extracts last two to three times as long as other CBD products on the market. Can be taken under your tongue or added to your favorite beverage.

• 60 Servings per Bottle (60 mg per Serving  – 0.5 mL)
• 3600 mg of All Natural CBD Isolate per Bottle (30mL/1 oz.)
• 3rd Party Lab Tested with QR code linking to test right on each bottle
• Tested a total of 3 times in the manufacturing process
• No pesticides, heavy metals, or solvents
• Contains only Certified Kosher & Halal MCT Oil

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At Sir Hemp we strive to have the purest, all-natural products you can find on the market. Our CBD Extracts only consist of two ingredients: CBD and MCT Oil.

We do not add any fillers, coloring, or additives. Sir Hemp’s hand-crafted extracts are made with care & compassion. Hemp CBD Oil tinctures made the right way by placing the customers needs in mind every step of the way. Our Hemp is grown with no pesticides ensuring the highest quality pure natural flavors and aromas. Can be taken under your tongue or added to your favorite beverage.

Our extract bottles are (1 oz) 30 mL with 3600 mg of CBD in each bottle. Our serving sizes are marked conveniently on the dropper.
Each marker is at:
• .25mL (30 mg )
• .50mL (60 mg)
• .75mL (90 mg)
• 1 mL (120 mg)

Our bottles are designed to last you 2- 4 months depending on dosage taken. Our price per mg averages around $0.03 to $0.04 per mg. Making it one of the highest quality and most affordable option available. Effectively costing approximately $30-$40 per month of usage per bottle.

CBD in 100% MCT Oil: Our Pure Medium-Chain Triglycerides comprises of C8 (Caprylic Acid) & C10 (Capric Acid) exclusively. What does that translate to…. No Coconut allergens like the other guys.

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