Pure Hemp Extract Tattoo Brightening Cream


20mg CBD

Only the most natural and nourishing lotions should be applied to tattooed skin — and that’s exactly what we’ve created for you! Our Tattoo Brightening Cream is perfect for maintaining clear-cut lines and vibrant pigmentation of skin art. 

We’ve formulated a healing lotion that is loaded with antimicrobial oils — Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Coconut Oil, and Vitamins A and E — along with skin rejuvenating and strengthening CBD extracts. This blend combats flaking, infection, and the formation of scabs that could otherwise lead to color gaps and less-than-perfect lines on your tattoo. 

With its analgesic properties and rapid absorption, Lavender Oil reduces inflammation and refreshes the skin, giving added elasticity and enhanced color. This lotion is consciously designed for a quick recovery for your skin and long-term revivifying of your skin art! 

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Moisturizes skin
Enhances and brightens tattoos
Limits inflammation, flaking, and scabs
Helps to prevent color gaps
Fast absorbing
Promotes long-term vibrant color and clear cut appearance
Improves skin elasticity

20mg of hemp-derived CBD extract
Contains healing and antimicrobials oils
Made using 100% Organic CBD
Laboratory Tested
Made in the USA


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