Pure Hemp Extract Facial Cleanser


20mg of CBD

Refresh and nourish your skin with our CBD Facial Cleanser! Ultra-lightweight and packed with replenishing natural extracts and CBD, this cleanser penetrates deep into your pores where it gently removes dirt, oil, make-up, and bacteria. Nutrient-dense and soothing, this facial cleanser is effective for most skin types, including those with sensitive and blemish-prone skin.

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Unlike other facial cleansers, this product does not contain added detergent agents and fillers for suds and slip. Instead, it has a smooth consistency that is pleasant to apply and easy to rinse away.

Penetrates deep into pores to remove impurities and oil
Nourishes the skin with natural extracts
Whisks away makeup, dirt, sweat, and grime
Effective on most skin types
CBD extract provides rejuvenation and strengthening on a cellular level

20mg of hemp-derived CBD extract
Low-sudsing formula
Designed for consistent, twice-daily use
Made using 100% Organic CBD
Laboratory Tested
Made in the USA


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