Raspberry Honeysuckle – A symphony of sweet and tangy raspberry flavors, harmoniously blended with a delicate touch of honeysuckle. It’s the essence of joy, like belting out your favorite song with the windows rolled down.

Each 7.5 oz can offers a vibrant sip with 5mg THC, keeping it light at 20 calories, 5g of sugar, and 6g of carbohydrates, perfect for any moment of delight.

Formulated with simple, quality ingredients:

  • Fizzing carbonated water provides the refreshing base,
  • Organic agave nectar sweetens the deal,
  • Organic raspberry and lemon juices from concentrate add a burst of fruity freshness,
  • Natural flavors and hemp extract combine for a unique and enjoyable taste experience,
  • Potassium sorbate keeps everything fresh,
  • Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) for that extra antioxidant kick.

Raspberry Honeysuckle is crafted for those who cherish light, flavorful beverages that spark happiness and refreshment.


Delta 9


7.5 oz


4 Pack




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