Hair Growth Shampoo + AnaGain®


Strong hair starts with a clean, healthy scalp! Our shampoo is blended with pure hemp CBD extract and organically-derived active AnaGain for ultimate vitality. This shampoo cleanses the scalp of day-to-day grime, excess oil, the build-up of hair care products, and dead skin cells from root to tip without stripping the hair. 

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As it cleanses, it also delivers a powerful dose of nutrients that stimulate growth. The natural compounds found in Full Spectrum CBD restore buoyancy and hydration to each strand of hair as well as the scalp, while AnaGain actively ensures the healthy growth cycle of each hair follicle.

For best results, pair with our Pure Hemp CBD Extract Hair Growth Conditioner.

Clean, refreshed scalp
Stimulates hair follicles
Removes excess buildup of oil, grime, and hair care products without stripping the hair
Supports natural hair growth for those with thinning or receding hair
Promotes stronger, thicker, hydrated hair
Visual difference within weeks of consistent use

Infused with 50mg of CBD
Clinically supported ingredient AnaGain
Contains only ultra-pure natural cannabinoids
Made with 100% organic full-spectrum CBD hemp extract
Laboratory Tested
Made in the USA


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