Hair Growth Conditioner + AnaGain®


Cultivating lustrous, voluminous hair is made simple with this CBD and AnaGain powered hair growth conditioner! Formulated with Full Spectrum CBD as well as clinically supported and organically-derived active AnaGain, this powerful, deeply nourishing conditioner promotes healthier, thicker hair and encourages hair regrowth. 

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Our unique formula stimulates hair growth by supporting and nourishing each hair follicle. This helps to prevent hair thinning and encourages the return of thick, healthy hair. The natural compounds found in Full Spectrum CBD work to restore buoyancy and hydration from root to tip.

If you want to enjoy thick, radiant, healthy hair, our Hair Growth Conditioner, along with our Hair Growth Shampoo, is what you need.

Designed to support natural hair growth for men and women experiencing hair loss or thinning hair
Provides powerful hydration for the scalp and hair
Promotes stronger, healthier hair
Visual difference within weeks of consistent use

Infused with 50mg of CBD
Clinically supported ingredient AnaGain
Contains only ultra-pure natural cannabinoids
Made with 100% organic full-spectrum CBD hemp extract
Laboratory Tested
Made in the USA


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