CBG Capsules | Broad Spectrum 100mg per Capsule


Enjoy our NEW CBG Capsules created in our proprietary Hemp Blend- Whole Plant Complex.

Try our Broad Spectrum of Cannabinoids or our 100% Pure CBG Whole Plant Complex Capsule.

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CBG Capsules – Broad Spectrum – 25mg Capsule- 30ct

Commonly referred to as the ‘stem cell’ of cannabinoids – CBG (Cannabigerol) is found primarily in the young hemp plant. As the plant matures, CBG converts to CBD, THC, and all the other cannabinoids, giving each plant it’s own unique cannabinoid profile.

This is significant because all other cannabinoids come from CBG, making this the most versatile of the known cannabinoids.

We see enormous potential in CBG, and are working hard to create a solid product line to provide our loyal customers with the absolute best formulations.


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